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Wenger: Arsenal Appear Almost Perfect Opponent Chelsea

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi is considered the world's best striker, when compared with Sergio Aguero.

The word hurled at Barcelona after Manchester City a 3-1 win over Swansea City in the Premier League continued at the Liberty Stadium, Saturday (24/9/2016). In the game, Aguero scored two goals for The Citizens.

Lesakan two goals Aguero to make Champions semringah. The Manager indeed reckoned Messi still being his favourite, but striker Aguero could also provide a positive impact for the team.

"In my opinion, the best striker Cristiano Ronaldo. He is capable of scoring 50 to 60touchdowns per season. Messi is indeed the best, but I'm very happy to have SergioAguero, "said Guardiola after the game.

"Aguero knew I wanted more and he's capable of playing better. His first goal was very fantastic. A striker scoring and he needs to be able to do it, "continued the former coach of Bayern Munich was.

Wenger: Arsenal Appear Almost Perfect Opponent Chelsea

Those results make Manchester City carved out of six winning streak that keeps them firmly at the top of the standings with 18 points. Sergio Aguero dkk winning fourpoints of Tottenham Hotspur who is in second place.

The Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte wanted to improve the quality of his team after a 0-3 defeat of Arsenal in the Premier League continued at the Emirates Stadium, London, Saturday (24/9/2016).

The third goal for Arsenal was created in the first half through Alexis Sanchez (11 '),Theo Walcott (14 '), and Mesut Ozil (40 '). Chelsea scored one goal, though any release nine shots, but only two are right on target.

"We have to work harder because we are just good on paper. If there are people who say our team is great, I have to think of ways to improve the quality of the team on the field, not from what someone else, "said Conte after the game.

This became the second consecutive defeat experienced by Chelsea in the Premier League. At the weekend, The Blues also succumbed 1-2 from Liverpool while playing a home fixture.

Further, Conte did not want to blame the players in the game contra Arsenal. One of the players who got the spotlight was Gary Cahill due to blunders over the creation of the first goal Arsenal through Sanchez.

"This is a matter of the team, not the individual. I don't want to talk about the mistakes of players. Not good for the player in question. We win or lose as a team, "saidConte.

This result made Chelsea now ranked eighth with ten points from six matches. The Blues are now left behind eight points from Manchester City to achieve perfect results in six games.

Wenger: Arsenal Appear Almost Perfect Opponent Chelsea

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger to call his team played almost perfect in the first round 3-0 win over Chelsea in the Premier League continued at the Emirates Stadium, London, Saturday (25/9/1999).

The whole goal The Gunners would be created in the first half through, Alexis Sanchez (11 '), Theo Walcott (14 '), and Mesut Ozil (40 ').

Arsenal lost to thin in terms of mastery of the ball from Chelsea who recorded 50.2 percent. However, the attack Arsenal more threatening opponents with 14 shots that five of them right on target. Chelsea just nine shots and releasing two of them right on target.

"You definitely want to play perfect, but often don't get it. Today, we played a perfect first half approaching, "said Wenger after the match.

"We initiated the game with high intensity. The Defender appeared overwhelming. Iconfuse mentioning who the best player in this game, "continued Wenger.

This became the first win for Arsenal over Chelsea in nine of the last match of the Premier League. This result also brought Arsenal occupy the third position of the Premier League with 13 points from six matches. As for Chelsea was in order in the eighth with 10 points.

"Football is not concerned with history. Only results currently being viewed. Today, we are performing very well against Chelsea, "said France midfielder then.

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