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Balotelli had the chance of gold in Milan

"If you put a rotten apple in the locker room, it can transmit the infection to other people." The sentence is the response of the President of AC Milan, Silvio Berlusconi,when he was asked about the possibility of the Club recruited Mario Balotelli fromManchester City in January 2013.

"We can make a judgment against Inter. He is a man who will never let me be a part of the dressing room, "said Berlusconi in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Berlusconi bak twice licked his saliva alone. On January 28, 2013, Milan officially buyBalotelli of man. City. Balotelli is one of the keys to the success of the Italian Il Rosso(the Red Devil) top three finish in the Serie A standings 2012/13.

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Balotelli had the chance of gold in Milan

In the inaugural match of the 13 uniformed Milan, Balo scored 12 goals! Wonderful story it is perhaps reassuring to reminisce with Inter Milan.

The Italian Il management has now pocketed a deal to borrow  from Liverpool. The Palermo-born striker was already melakoni medical tests along with Milan in the Madonnina clinic, Tuesday (3/8).

Milan borrowed Balo during a season without the option of redemption is permanent. Il mengkover Italian champions need only to 2.25 million (36.4 billion dollars) out of a total six million euro salary Balotelli.

The rest of 3.75 million euro will still be paid by Liverpool, the Club bought Inter Milan in the summer of 2014.

Antonello Venditti said "like (by Italy), certain love never dies. They make a big circleand going back. President Berlusconi and I are two people for romance, "said MilanCHIEF EXECUTIVE, Adriano Galliani, Italy at Football.

The same excerpt used Ronaldo when he intends to return Andriy Shevchenko (2008) and Ricardo Kaka (2013) to Milan. Galliani bak forget that second period strengthened Milan, Shevchenko and Kaka failed to shine.

Balotelli had the chance of gold in Milan

One thing that could make Inter optimistic is he came back to Milan at a relatively young age, i.e. 25 years. Different case happens to Ruud Gullit (32), Shevchenko (31),Kaka (31) back to wear costumes when Milan had already stepped on the age of the head of the three.

AC Milan are reportedly tying Mario Balotelli with a good behaviour clause. The hairstyle: also provided for in this clause.

Balotelli is indeed famous bengal. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Adriano Galliani, set up specific rules in order to anticipate. Some of them are adapted from regulation Army Air Force Italy.

Balotelli could receive a penalty when performing with clothing and glamorous lifestyle. This 25-year-old striker was also barred from visiting nightclubs and should limit alcohol consumption.

Smoking abstinence becomes to Balotelli. Understandably, he was found smoking in the toilet of the train when its players AC Milan away to make the trip in July 2014.

Balotelli activity in social media also designate monitored AC Milan. He prohibited the release of statements that could damage the image of the Club.

Mere information, Milan have not yet released the official announcement related removals Balotelli. However, the player has already undergone medical tests and following a training session on Tuesday (25/8/2015).

Media-media reported Italy, Milan Balotelli borrowed from Liverpool for one season. During the period of the loan, the two clubs share contribution to the salary of the Trophies.

Balotelli had the chance of gold in Milan

Former defender Marco to face Barcelona, Internazionale, open the sound matter ofthe return of Mario Balotelli in Serie-a. According to him, Balotelli is now getting a golden opportunity to restore first Milan together.

Balotelli could appear back with Milan after failing to show his best performance during the season defending Liverpool. The Reds decided to lend the Trophies for one season in Milan after Italy striker that scored only one goal in the Premier League by 2014-15.

"I am happy to him, because he's been like a sister to me. I know how he is as a person and I never said it (return to Milan) is his last chance, but it was a golden opportunity that should be dimanfaatkannya, "said the Italy Football: Dissecting Mexico was quoted as saying.

"I'm sure (coach Milan) Sinisa Mihajlovic will recreate the feeling that can not be found-along with Liverpool Manager," explained to face Barcelona.

Balotelli and face Barcelona played together when defending Inter in the range 2007-2010. During his career alongside Inter, Balotelli success presents six trophies for Inter.

Seven Of Milan's Strikers Competing For Two Places

As Roma defender recruitment origin meeresmikan France, Lucas Digne, from ParisSaint-Germain. Digne borrowed during a season with an option for a permanent at the end of 2015-2016.

Digne has been through a medical checkup in Rome on Wednesday (27/8/2015). After medical tests, a 22-year-old player was immediately signed to meresmikannya asRoma players.

"I chose this club because Roma is a legendary Club with a great history. I know this town and everything you need to succeed is here, "said Digne.

Previously, Digne was bought from Paris Saint-Germain Lille OSC in the beginning of the season of 2013-2014. Together with Les Parisiens, Digne more into the upholstery of left back Maxwell. Digne only appear as much as 43 matches Paris Saint-Germain in different seasons.

AC Milan Defender Cristian Zapata, see change in Mario Balotelli. It is believed the Zapata, Balotelli will not be acting a lot off the field as it did in the past.

Seven Of Milan's Strikers Competing For Two Places

Balotelli returned to Milan on loan after failing to perform impressive with Liverpoolin 2014-2015. During the defense of The Reds, the descendants of Ghana that oftengave rise to controversy off the field. One example of i.e. uploading pictures racialistin Instagram.

Zapata was convinced, that behavior will not be repeated: I shared the Rossoneri. Moreover, the CEO of Milan has mewanti-wanti that it became the last chance for the25-year-old striker.

"He looks serious. He wants to fix what happened over the past year with Liverpool.He needs to get involved in the game and do it in the last two days, "said Zapata.

In order to dampen the controversy, Balotelli off the field, management has prepared a good behaviour clause. This clause limits the hairstyle, how to dress, and behavior  in social media. Smoking and alcohol are also so abstinence for Trophies.

AC Milan undo's intention to recruit a quarterback belonged to AS Monaco, Joao Moutinho. The issue concerned the question of injury, Milan experienced 28 year old football player.

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Seven Of Milan's Strikers Competing For Two Places

In fact, Moutinho should be absent until mid-October because of ankle injuries. Butcoach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan need a midfielder who is ready to perform.

Based on the news site released Football Italy, Milan will get back their old targets aim, Roberto Soriano. I also still trying for the Rossoneri won player of Zenit St Petersburg, Axel Witsel, to San Siro.

Kevin Strootman never recovered from a knee injury. This belongs to the Roma midfielder was rumoured to be cut back operations in the near future.

According to the website of Football Italy, Strootman injury in a match against Napoli on Maeet 2014. He has undergone surgery, but is still often feel pain in the knee.

Party Club gives freedom for Strootman to choose will be operated on in Germanyor Italy. Reportedly, the Romans also gave support to the footballer Netherlands 25 year old it's delightful bid contract extension.

Because the approach to Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG) Muscovy duck, Milan eventuallydecided to borrow a Mario Balotelli from Liverpool.

Seven Of Milan's Strikers Competing For Two Places

Milan bak ruled out the fact that Inter could not be in the fitness condition. He never again since grazing past April 28 when Liverpool lose 0-1 from Hull.

During the annual costumed Liverpool, 25 year old striker's performance was also not brilliantly. In 28 matches in all the event, he was only able to slotted four goals.

Recruitment of Balotelli also seems redundant because the lines of those already the Italian Il attack by six assailants i.e., Carlos Bacca, Luiz Adriano, Alessio Cerci, Jeremy Menez, M'Baye Niang, and Alessandro Matri.

The options in the sector ahead of Milan's excess because they only taste mentas indomestic competition. That is, the coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Italian Il, got seven alternative only to fill two positions on the front line!

Mampukah Balo won the hectic competition in the sector of the attack at once menggebah taboo question of failure of star players that failed in the second period Milan?