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Manchester United, Chelsea and Monitor the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo

Thanks to goal scorer Olivier Giroud during injury time, Arsenal were finally able toequalize into 3-3 when facing the League game at Bournemouth United Kingdom inVitality, Tuesday (3/1/2017). Scoring an injury time apparently has become an old habit for Arsene Wenger's Club.

In the 10 seasons based on data reported by FourFourTwo, The Gunners recorded as clubs in the League United Kingdom most frequently scored during extra time. Uncountable since the season 2005-2006 through 2015-2016, Arsenal has registered a51-goal during injury time.

The 2009-2010 season be the Summit where Arsenal scoring goals in injury time, origin of the London Club's total melesakan the eight goals. At that time appeared the name of Nicklas Bendtner who is often referred to as the God of the injury time.

The origins of the bomber Denmark twice scored the winning goal for Arsenal during injury time. Injury time goals Falls in between happens kala Cannon London meetHull and Wolverhampton as well.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Monitor the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo

Meanwhile perennial rivals Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur were on the position of the two clubs in the League United Kingdom who often scored when the injury time. The Lily Whites within the last 10 years already had 37 goals during injury time.

The following five League clubs Arsenal and United Kingdom frequently scored an injury time during season 2005-2006 through 2015-2016.

Magnet China Super League return reaped attention. This time leads to the Chelseastriker, Diego Costa. Some media release, if agreed, to the land of Bamboo Curtain, Diego Costa's salary would penetrate the figure Rp 9.6 billion per week or Rp 460.8 billion every year.

ESPN and Xinhua, Friday (13/1/2017) released the news. Some of the Chinese Super League club members they would do the bidding against Diego Costa, either through management or player agents.

Some people believe, if Costa went to China, the Brazil-born striker will break the world transfer record. However, the associated clubs which are interested in recruitingCosta, there has been no confirmation.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Monitor the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo

According to his friend Diego Costa, Yanick Bolasie, chances are the removals process can occur in January this year aka Chinese Super League before rolling. "I believe he has no emotional sense with the United Kingdom, so football can move without load. Now, negotiations between the Club enthusiasts with Chelsea, because I'm sure Costa want to go, "explained Bolasie.

Up the Costa went from Chelsea getting engorged. Not just a matter of salary, Costa also crashed out of the Chelsea squad which will meets Leicester City, this weekend. AP sources reveal, Chelsea could not bring Costa after the player involved Buffaloargument hard enough with Chelsea's Manager, Antonio Conte.

Bolasie admitted Costa became the standard of the game. However, he believes Costa may exit from Stamford Bridge. "Chinese football market Magnet so the magnet.If I become a Costa, I would say to myself, ' I am originally from Brazil, already around Europe, I would think what's best for the family '. It will change the minds of Costa, "beber Bolasie.

The observer football, Graeme Souness believes if Chelsea lose Diego Costa on January transfer exchanges, they will not win the Premier League. "Chelsea is obligated to make a Diego Costa endured until the end of the season. After that, Chelsea had to find a way so that all sides can be happy, "said Souness.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and monitor the situation of Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Messi has yet to extend his contract at Barcelona.

Sport Mole, Friday (13/1/2017) released, three of the Premier League Giants kept peering opportunities brought Cristiano Ronaldo on the stock transfer of the summer2017. For, Real Madrid and Barcelona have so far have not reached an agreement a number of clauses in the new contract.

The Chief Executive of Barcelona, Oscar Grau asking Barcelona to use common sense in order to meet the wishes of Messi. Some predictions reveal, the Argentina midfielder wanted high salaries.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Monitor the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo

Spain football observers, Guillem Balague, confident Messi would extend his contract at Barcelona. However, Balague assess Cristiano Ronaldo has some consideration for leave if Barcelona does not meet keinginanannya.

"Pep Guardiola will indeed continue to say Messi should be retired in Barcelona. However, I know Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid sent a message to say ' we have here if you think to leave Barcelona, "said Balague.

Cristiano Ronaldo still bound to a contract until 30 June 2018. The process of negotiations between Barcelona with Real Madrid is still in progress. Barcelona's Messi removals rumors actually are long sticking out.

Some rumors flourished, the player nicknamed La Pulga ever wanted to leave after being involved in the alleged tax scandal in Spain. Lionel Messi is a product of the original building of the Academy of Barcelona, La Masia. 

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