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Important capital Liverpool If won at Old Trafford

Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso, the Liverpool support that in fact former club to steal three points at Old Trafford on the weekend of the 21st Premier League, on Sunday (15/1/2017).

Liverpool occupies fourth position while the Premier League standings with 44 points. The Reds left eight figures from Chelsea who perched on top.

If the win over Manchester United, Liverpool would go up to the second position and trim the gap with Chelsea to five points. According to the result of Alonso, it also became an important financier for The Reds to win the Premier League season 2016-2017.

"There is nothing more meaningful to its supporters than Liverpool beating Manchester United," said Xabi Alonso, as reported by Fox Latin America.

Important capital Liverpool If won at Old Trafford

"As long as I was in the Club, we don't have a lot of success while on a trip to Old Traffod. Victory there doesn't just mean everything for supporters, but also gave Liverpool the belief needed to win trophies this season, "said the Bayern Munich midfielder.

Note bad haunted Liverpool counter action ahead of Manchester United. Philippe Coutinho and coauthors have yet to win in three matches. The Reds 2-draw against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light at the weekend Premier League, on Sunday (1/1/2017).

Liverpool should also be forced to play a goalless fourth caste United Kingdom clubs cons, Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup, Sunday (8/1/2017), before losing 0-1 the first leg from Southampton in the League Cup Quarterfinals, Wednesday (11/1/2017).

Liverpool failed to win when they edged past Manchester United at Anfield in the first meeting of the Premier League season 2016-2017 in October 2016. At that time,The Reds being held goalless by a score of spectacles by the Red Devils.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, trying to understand the attitude shown Alexis Sanchez pascalaga cons Swansea City at the weekend matches Premier League Stadium in Liberty, Saturday (14/1/2017). According to Wenger's emotional gestures fromattackers
the origin of Chile as a form of a reasonable expression.

"The situation at the game last night was nothing to question. All players get frustrated when it must be pulled out. It is indeed not always shown by each player, however I quite know because I've long worked (as a Manager) here, "said Wenger.

Important capital Liverpool If won at Old Trafford

"He is a private good. He has given many contributions and would like to do my best for the team. There is no need to question upon this condition. Every culture has the distinction. Some people of different cultures of South America with Europe. Therefore, you have to appreciate it because this team is a multinational, "he continued.

Alexis Sanchez handed down by Arsene Wenger since the early minutes of the match. In the game, Sanchez contributed contributed one goal and one assist for The Gunners victory with a score of 4-0.

The fourth goal was a result of the London team Cannons work hard on 73 minutes.Six minutes after scoring touchdowns, Wenger decided pull out Alexis Sanchez and then replaced by Danny Welbeck.

This 28 year old player that otters. He pointed out the emotional attitude by swearing on the bench while kicking the gloves he wore during the game.

Shortly after he pointed ominously gestures against a teammate. She looks away from the players who were on the bench while shutting his head with a jacket until the match is over.

Attitude annoyed shown Alexis Sanchez was not the first time this season. Previously he was bubbling up the emotional attitude after being held goalless by AFC Bornemouth on January 3.

Scoring three points make Arsenal now collected 44 points results from 21 matches.They left behind five digits from Chelsea who is in the top position but recently underwent 20 matches.

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