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A Row Of Star Players Victims Of A Cold Hand Against

Jose Mourinho to suggest Wayne Rooney when Manchester United won 4-1 over Leicester City at Old Trafford, Saturday (24/9/2016). The decision was not a big deal for Mourinho who is known for daring to get rid of star players.

When appointed as Manager of The Red Devils, Mourinho repeatedly says Rooneywill be an important player in the skuatnya. The Special One kept making Rooney as captain of the team.

Mourinho seemed to still believe in the Champions League because Manchester United performance that always win in four matches this season, including the FA Community Shield. However, after a lull the international earlier this month, The Red Devils devour three consecutive defeats.

Some observers say, Rooney does not work optimally for Mourinho to be raised. A player that Everton rated Academy upbringing made a slow pace ball game Red Devils.

A match against The Foxes last weekend, becoming the first time Rooney suggestedMourinho. The result turned out to be significant with reaping the victory and Manchester United recorded a number of the most touches throughout this season, 907 touch from all players.

A Row Of Star Players Victims Of A Cold Hand Against

Surefire discourse to suggest Rooney permanently now becomes a public debate. However, Mourinho is known as a manager who is not favoritism. With proven track record of Mourinho while getting rid of some of the stars who it thinks is up. If The Red Devils continue to reap good results without Rooney, could have players aged 30 years it became a "victim" later Mourinho.

The following are some of the star players that Mourinho removed:

1. Jesper Gronkjaer (Chelsea)

When appointed as Manager of Chelsea's 2004-2005 season, Mourinho brought in some players that it needs. One of the players who became the mainstay of The Special One is Arjen Robben.

Mourinho was impressed with Robben games purchased from PSV Eindhoven. One place in the wing position in the formation of the 4-2-3-1 are well prepared Againstfor Robben.

The effects, the other wing position struggle occurred between Damien Duff and Jesper Gronkjaer. From these two names, Gronkjaer finally retired. Whereas the previous season, it appeared Denmark midfielder during the match in 42 minutes 2,282 Chelsea in various event.

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2. Ricardo Quaresma (Inter Milan)

Ricardo Quaresma's career at Inter Milan is unique. In addition to Sulley Muntari, Quaresma was the player who "ORDERED" Mourinho when it first became a coach La Beneamata at the 2008-2009 season.

However, Quaresma careers stagnate under Mourinho. The player who got the nickname of "the witch" it could not have evolved in the strategy of Mourinho.

A Row Of Star Players Victims Of A Cold Hand Against

Only five months time Quaresma feel early career along with Inter Milan. In the winter of 2009, the former Barcelona player was loaned to Chelsea. Mourinho did not even hesitate to discard players who arrive with around 21 million pounds of it.

3. Raul Gonzalez and Guti Hernandez (Real Madrid)

Cold hands Mourinho became coach again shown when menukangi Real Madrid in the summer of 2010. Unmitigated, two Club icon Raul Gonzalez and Guti Hernandezhad to leave the Santiago Bernabeu.

In the case of Guti, Mourinho has indeed does not need the player's role. As a result, Guti are easily removed to Turkey Club, Besiktas.

However, the case of Raul is certainly different. Mourinho still wants "Prince of Madrid" it endured, but cannot guarantee the position because of the presence of KarimBenzema and Gonzalo Dismisses. The Special One would hope Raul could still provide the motivation to his colleagues.

Mourinho wishes thus rejected Raul. "Mourinho I want to survive. However, I decided to go, "said the former owners of the record scorer in Real Madrid that.

4. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)

Iker Casillas is actually leaving Real Madrid in the summer of 2015, when the team dealt with Carlo Ancelotti. However, Mourinho "instrumental" in the departure of Ronaldo.

When Los Blancos are still held Against, Casillas was starting goalkeeper knocked out the core. Position the new Diego Lopez brought Mourinho in January 2013.

Last season Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid's Casillas only appear as many as 29 matches in various event. The least number of matches in a season that once traversed Casillas in 13 years.

A Row Of Star Players Victims Of A Cold Hand Against

5. Kevin de Bruyne (Chelsea)

Kevin de Bruyne bought Chelsea on January 31, 2012. However, the next season and a half, De Bruyne remains on loan to Club Belgium, Genk.

In the summer of 2012-2013, De Bruyne returned on loan to Werder Bremen. Belgium midfielder it appeared Bremen shared with nicks hit 10 goals in 34 Bundesliga matches.

However, after returning to Chelsea in the next season, nightmare De Bruyne began.He only appeared in nine matches during the season of 2013-2014. Mourinho callsDe Bruyne lazy time.

De Bruyne last only six months under Mourinho. Chelsea then took off De Bruyne toVfL Wlfsburg on 18 January 2014.

6. Bastian Schweinsteiger (Manchester United)

Bastian Schweinsteiger became the star player's status was first dumped Mourinhoat Manchester United. Although registered as a player for Premier League, outplayed Schweinsteiger of the Manchester United squad in the UEFA Europa League.

Mourinho has already invited Germany players were to look for a new Club. However, until the 2016 summer transfer exchanges ends, no one club that could meet thehigh salaries of Schweinsteiger. As a result, Schweinsteiger is now the Old Trafford bench warmers permanently.

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