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Mourinho Hoping Pogba Appear Consistent

Liverpool and plucking away 5-1 against Hull City on advanced match Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (24/9/2016). Manager Jurgen Klopp reveals the key to victory is becoming his team's patience on this pertadingan.

James Milner becomes the star of Liverpool on this match after buy up two goals through the white point, in the 30th minute and (71 '). The other three goals The Redsscored Adam Lallana (17 '), Sadio Mane (36 '), and Philippe Coutinho (52 '). GOL reply Hull created by David Meyler (51 ').

"We have to play like we did earlier. We have to be patient, do not lose the game, as well as direction has always been greedy in front of the opponent, "said Klopp.

"But when they won the ball, we have to have a positive attitude to aggressively reduce back and it is very brilliant. How we won back the ball is really impressive, "he added.

In this match, Hull City had to play with 10 men in the 27th minute after Ahmed Elmohamady get red card after touching the ball.

Mourinho Hoping Pogba Appear Consistent

Superior to the number of players making the Liverpool appear dominant throughout the game. Premier League alerts you, The Reds had a 74 percent possession and 12 opportunities from 32 experiment. Hull City only once threatened the goal The Reds.

"It was a brilliant appearance, especially in the first half. We saw the first few minutes that they started it well, by applying the counteroffensive that was pretty impressive. They have quality and a reflection of the real football, "said Klopp.

Up to three numbers makes Liverpool are in fourth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 package with 13 points. The Reds lagging five numbers from Manchester City who inhabit the top.

Midfielder Paul Pogba success his first goal for Manchester United in a match against Leicester City at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (24/9/2016). The Red Devils Manager, Jose Mourinho, hoping that France-born Player continued to play consistently.

Pogba fourth goal MU minutes 40. Former Juventus penggawa it aimed to release the right hand corner of the net after receiving feedback from the Blind Daley cornersituation. MU close matches with a 4-1 away.

Mourinho Hoping Pogba Appear Consistent

The third goal of the other MU was created by Chris Smalling (22 '), Juan Mata (37 '),and Marcus Rashford (40 '). As for the reply, the goal scored by Leicester City Demarai Garay on 59 minutes.

"I don't know if it's best performance since returning from Juventus Pogba or not. I think he played well enough in a match against Southampton and Hull City. When the team play nice, nice play also Pogba, "said Mourinho.

"We all want more of tim and Pogba. So, he must appear consistent as a team. I think Pogba and Ander Herrera scoresheet in midfield. They co-exist with each other, "he added.

Mourinho also chant the praise related Ander Herrera in appearance. Spain-born Player that creates an opportunity, and once won an aerial duel, as well as twice tekel success. He was making 20 lures with accuracy reaching 88 percent. Thus a record ofWhoscored.

"Herrera was the player who was able to bring the intensity. Very important to haveplayers who are quick to snatch the ball and were able to prevent the opponent's counter-attack well. He is a fast player, "said Mourinho.

This victory brought Manchester United occupy sixth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 with 12 points. As for the seventh position to inhabit, Leicester with seven numbers.

Match results 6th weekend Premier League 2016-2017 to make significant changes in the provisional standings. Victory over Swansea City with a score of 3-1, Manchester City made comfortable on top.

Mourinho Hoping Pogba Appear Consistent

Two goals from Sergio Aguero (9 ', 65 ') and Rahem Sterling (77 '), making The Citizens is now superior to top rankings to number 4-2, Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs clinging tight the pemuncak thanks to a victory over Middlesbrough with score

Two goals Hotspur scored South Korea midfielder, Son Heung-min at the 7th minute and 23 '. A goal from Middlesbrough reply Ben Gibson (65 '). Three numbers makeThe Lilywhites collected 14 points.

Bad luck befell Chelsea. 0-3 defeat of Arsenal, making their freefall, runner-up of last week being ranked seventh with 10 points. While Arsenal are in third position with a collection of 13 points.

The team's other giant, Manchester United won the victory over Leicester City by a score of 4-1 at Old Trafford Stadium. Four players record their names, namely Chris Smalling (22 '), Juan Mata (37 '), Marcus Rashford (40 ') and Paul Pogba (42 '). The scoring team reply printed Demarai Gray (59 ')

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