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Coutinho and Henderson Appeared Likely Opponents Manchester United

Liverpool got the good news ahead of a match against Manchester United at the weekend Premier League at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2017). The Manager of The Reds, Jurgen Klopp, said Philippe Coutinho, Jordan Henderson, Joel Matip and a chance to play.

"Nice it feels they can come back. Their presence can help us. They've been practicing yesterday and we still have to wait for what they feel after training yesterday before making the decision to play it, "said Klopp.

"Of course, they've had opportunities to play than previous matches matches in recent weeks. So, it certainly became great news for us, "said the Manager of the origin of Germany then.

Coutinho is already absent defending Liverpool since November 26, 2016 because of an ankle injury. As for Jordan Henderson was hit by injury to the heel, while Joel Matip dibekap ankle injury since December 11, 2016.

The presence of Philippe Coutinho, Jordan Henderson, Joel Matip and certainly be additional ammunition for Liverpool. Because, the trio has an important role in The Reds squad.

Coutinho and Henderson Appeared Likely Opponents Manchester United

Any Liverpool need a victory to keep his distance from Chelsea at the top the standings while the Premier League. While in the Club, the origin of Merseyside that collect 44 points or left behind five points from The Blues at the top of the standings.

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, revealing the reason it refused the offer of Lyon to recruit Memphis Depay. Mourinho calls Lyon bids that do not make sense.

"The offer we received far from reasonable prices for Manchester United. He's still our player and if stock transfer ended he was still here like the others, "saidMourinho.

Manchester United reportedly rejected previous 15 million pounds sterling ($ 243 billion) proposed Lyon to recruit Memphis Depay. The rejection votes are reasonable, given The Red Devils recruit Depay from PSV Eindhoven in 2015 for 25 million pounds ($ 405 billion).

Although the first bid was rejected, Lyon still do not despair. Coach Bruno Genesio assess his side are still in the process of negotiating and securing the services of a player can be sure the origin of the Netherlands was on stock transfers January 2017.

"The negotiation process is still underway. Negotiations it certainly takes time due to get players right now is not easy. I am sure the President could finish the deal as soon as possible, "said Genesio.

The future of Memphis Depay later became indeed speculation. It happened after Depay not many get the chance to play under Manager Jose Mourinho.

Coutinho and Henderson Appeared Likely Opponents Manchester United

To date, the new Depay play for 134 minutes in eight matches at various event. A 22-year-old football player was still bound by contract until June 30, 2019 at MU.

West Ham United manager, Slaven Bilic, expelled from his club Sequin Dimitri. Bilic insists will not play until France midfielder changed his plans to leave.

"The situation has been developing Sequin Dimitri in the last few days. Two days ago, I've met him and he and I did not want to disclose the results of that meeting, which I certainly did not hesitate to mencoretnya from squads linked his intention to leave, "said Bilic.

Slaven feud between Bllic and Dimitri Sequin started from the desire of the players to go. However, West Ham United insist does not want to sell the France midfielder.

The desire of The Hammers that made Sequin wrath. Finally, the ex penggawa Marseille refused to defend West Ham again.

Coutinho and Henderson Appeared Likely Opponents Manchester United

"Yesterday, before a press conference ahead of the match, I asked him again ' do you keep on establishment that has been said a few days ago or already thought of that?" continued Bilic.

"He said it will remain on his decision. It made me sad, angry, but Dimitri has already said he does not want to play for the Club. So, I have no other choice to plan the match Saturday against Crystal Palace without him, "said Bilic.

Until now media-media United Kingdom preaching there are already two clubs are ready to accommodate the services of Sequin. Among other things, is a former club, Marseille and Chelsea, the Premier League giants.

Dimitri Sequin currently still bound by the contract until 30 June 2013. Since joiningWest Ham in 2015, players 29 years it's been collecting 18 goals and 25 assists in 66games at various event.

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