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Prediction Manchester United Vs Liverpool: The Style Of Herrera-Lallana

Two figures, midfielder Ander Herrera and Adam Lallana will be the spotlight whenManchester United entertain Liverpool in the Premier League continued action 2016-2017, at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2017).

Herrera and Lallana got plenty of reason to be of public concern. Appear not too dominant, especially in the bust nets opponents, could not make the wasted two players from the core squad.

Instead, the Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho considers the figure of Ander Herrera became the most important part in the formation of the Red Devils midfield. Similar things spoken of the Liverpool manager's comments, Jurgen Klopp, Lallana's role in the kitchen-related attacks of The Reds.

In this season, especially after the turn of the year, Ander Herrera and Adam Lallanasticking out. The last name will be the mainstay of Liverpool after they lost Sadio Mane, who went to fulfil the obligation of defending the national team at the African Cup in 2017.

"Very flexible, and Lallana strength jelajahnya became an important factor. I think hewill be undergoing a special season if we are champions, "said Klopp, some time ago, like the Liverpool Echo released. Klopp greeting got a response from Manchester United's stronghold.

Prediction Manchester United Vs Liverpool: The Style Of Herrera-Lallana

Who Whiz Mourinho?

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho comment is not much different from with honors Klopp against Lallana. The difference, Mourinho could not immediately name.

The Manager calls one of the keys to successful Manchester United's unbeaten record in nine of the last party is the appearance of the midfield. Specifically, Mourinhoadmitted the performance of midfielder became the keeper of the rhythm of the flow of the ball.

The display Windows of those comments, Manchester United have two key playersat nine matches. Duo Michael Carrick and Ander Herrera became the object of Mourinho's comments.

In particular, Michael Carrick praised the performance of Herrera who appears normal could return even though no long be a starter on last season. "He can play out of balance, and of course the main task is to ensure the flow of an opponent's ball was not ' hurt ' our defence lines. He can also put yourself at the back area of the opponent, "said Carrick.

In this season, Herrera has not scored in the Premier League. However, the contribution for the team belongs to the big Herrera. A status of penyela the attack of the opponent's defense line towards Manchester United, Herrera had 42 tekel cleanaction, nine mem-block the opponent's kick, 53 times intersep and 32 position throw the ball from Manchester United danger zone.

Prediction Manchester United Vs Liverpool: The Style Of Herrera-Lallana

Not only that, Ander Herrera has fighting spirit high. The statistical record reveal, Herrera already 119 times regained the ball from an opponent in 17 appearances in the League United Kingdom 2016-2017.

The figure was in line with the ability to win a duel with opponents, who number 109 WINS. Position as the pengadang ball of the enemy could not make passive Herrera. He was able to become involved in the flow of the ball team, and recorded do 1205 bait aka 70.88 bait per match.

The performance will be the challenge for Liverpool. Duet Herrera – Michael Carrick, it could be the rock. Both could give danger if able to feed to the midfielder and a striker.

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson acknowledged the central areas, Manchester United became the key to the success of the Red Devils bounced. "We will go to Old Trafford, and then return home victoriously. However, first we should lock up theirmidfield, "said The Liverpool Captain.

Liverpool Arms

Kubu Liverpool striker loses. The Liverpool striker's arrival Coutinho, who has recovered. However, the hope is too high on the Brazil midfielder, could give the boomerang for Liverpool.

Prediction Manchester United Vs Liverpool: The Style Of Herrera-Lallana

No wrong if Adam Lallana appearance hoping Liverpudlian can. Statistically, Lallanais already involved in the process of terjadinay 14 goals for Liverpool this season.

Lallana is capable of scoring seven goals and seven assists. The figure became the best among the accomplishments of the entire United Kingdom origin player in Premiership.

Lallana has a high cruising range and the ability to shoot. In total, he has already done the 30 shots, though the fit is classified as minimal, i.e. 33 percent. However, the color of Lallana, Emre Can and Jordan Henderson, will help the movementCoutinho, Divock Origi and Roberto Firmino.

A composition that will be the major threat to Manchester United's defense line. Understandably, the Manager of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho still hope MarcosRojo can play. If not, he will rely on Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, in the heart of the defense.

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