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Revealed, the amount of Severance earned Mourinho from Chelsea

New Arsenal Defender, Cohen Bramall, known as a supporter of Manchester United.It is seen through Twitter the players on his personal Twitter account.

Support shown Cohen Bramall after Manchester United's 4-3 win over Newcastle United in the Premier League competition (26/12/2012). Cuitan was believed to be among the most mocked for not supporting Wayne Rooney and his friends.

According to the Mirror, Friday (13/1/2017), Cohen Bramall have removed her Twitter account today. United Kingdom players that reportedly do not want others to find out if he has a multiple Twitter to support Manchester United.

"For everyone who hates Manchester Untied, feel it!" wrote the Bramall when Cohenwas still 15 years old.

Up to now, there has been no official confirmation of a Bramall nor Cohen party Arsenal over these events. However, the media-media United Kingdom preaching if North London team supporters disappointed with the behavior of the 20-year Defender.

Revealed, the amount of Severance earned Mourinho from Chelsea

Cohen Bramall removed Arsenal from Hednesford to the value transfer of 40,000 pounds ($ 649.92 million) on 10 January 2017. The player's contract with The Gunnersuntil 30 June 2018.

Jose Mourinho was rumoured to Sky Sports, Friday (13/1/2017), get a small severance when fired Chelsea in December 2015. The Special One and his staff get only 8.3 million pounds ($ 134 billion) when it was expelled from Stamford Bridge.

That number is smaller than that received by Mourinho and his friends laid off whenChelsea in 2007. At that time, the origins of the Portugal Manager and his staff get a severance Fund amounting to 31.4 million pounds ($ 510 billion).

As is known, Chelsea back ejecting Mourinho from his position as Manager in December 2015. It happened after Mourinho failed to provide best performance for her squad.

Kelantan Jose Mourinho, Chelsea then appoints interim manager Guus Hiddink as.However, the Netherlands coach was still unable to rescue Chelsea in 2015-2016. Origin of the West London club finished in the 10th position of the Premier League standings.

Even so, Chelsea still get income amounting to 329.1 million pounds plus 49 million pounds player sales results. However, Stamford Bridge fortress still records the loss of 70.6 million pounds.

The amount of them to pay compensation to the Adidas over the termination of the contract remain 4 more years. Because the start of next season, Chelsea will establish a partnership with Nike as the apparel uniform suppliers Club.

Chelsea signed a long term contract duration 15 years with Nike. Over the deal, Chelsea will get 60 million pounds per season or two times more than the deal with Adidas.

Revealed, the amount of Severance earned Mourinho from Chelsea

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, rate the game N'Golo Kanté along Chelseaat this time is not as good as when it was still in uniform The Foxes.

"In the summer after international matches, Kanté came to me and wanted to get away from Leicester. I can understand it. Of course I am attempting to restrain her with all my strength, "said Ranieri.

"I am not surprised how with the game he's at Chelsea. KANTÉ is a very goodplayer. However, I think if he can play with us better than at Chelsea, "said the Manager of the origin of Italy that.

The central figure of the N'Golo Kanté is behind the success of Leicester City grabbed the Premier League trophy 2015-2016. In the last season, the France players were able to obtain one goal and four assists from 40 matches in all competitions.

As a result, Chelsea decided buy N'Golo Kanté-value transfer of 35 million euros ($ 497.13 billion) on 16 July 2016. Since that time, he became an important player in the squad's midfield Antonio Conte.

N'Golo Kanté has recorded 21 game repackaged along with Chelsea in all competitions, with the playing time during 1,806 seconds. In that period, the France playersmanaged one goal.

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