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Paul Pogba Got The Material So The Manchester United Captain

Arsenal will undergo action away to face Swansea City in the 21 weekend matches Premier League Stadium in Liberty, Saturday (14/1/2017). Arsenal's new Manager is obligated to be aware of Swansea City, Paul Clement, who claim to have a special recipe to drown out the game The Gunners.

Before the deal with Swansea City, Clement is the Bayern Munich assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti. Meetings between Bayern and Arsenal in the last 16 of the Champions League made Clement got special assignments to learn a game Arsenal.

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"I was at the Emirates on Boxing Day match between Arsenal and West Bromine. That time my (still) capacity as the coaching staff in Bavaria, and I get notes from the game, "said Clement.

"I will make a note to apply Swansea I have. Note that similar to what Carlo Ancelotti had, "continued the Manager.

Paul Pogba Got The Material So The Manchester United Captain

Note that later will be used by 44-year-old it Manager when facing Arsenal. Clement believes in the maturity that has been designed tactics would complicate troop ofArsene Wenger.

Clement had a pretty heavy duty at Swansea City, i.e. prevent the Club from the threat of relegation. The Swans are currently ranked 19th in the standings while the Premier League with 15 points.

Meanwhile, a Arsenalmembutuhkan victory to fight for their position on board. A collection of 41 points now owned The Gunners just put them in fifth position, left behind eight points from Chelsea who are at the top of the standings.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, recalls the first time lead Liverpool's match at OldTrafford, which occurred in the Europa League round of 16 2015-16. At that time, Liverpool grabbed a draw and ensure the pass to the quarter-finals.

Currently, Central Liverpool squad prepared Klopp for a trip to the headquarters of Manchester United at the weekend Premier League 2016-17. Although threatened several players without pillars, Klopp still trying to spread the optimism to children asuhnya.

One of the positive notes used Klopp to evoke mental asuhnya children is a draw when his Manager on a trip to Old Trafford for the first time.

Paul Pogba Got The Material So The Manchester United Captain

"We're playing at Old Trafford with a target of reaching a positive result. Last year, I undertook my inaugural game at Old Trafford and the results were pretty good. The action takes place is very intensive and we were finally able to go home by bringingpositive results, "Klopp's story.

Based on such experiences, children hope asuhnya Klopp is capable of maintaining the motivation so that Liverpool could finish in the best position in the standings. Klopp holds if he simply does not have the power to determine the final outcome of the match.

"Jose Mourinho or I wouldn't be able to determine the outcome of the match, as managers, we do not make changes to match maintained its position, only the players who could determine the outcome. So they must always perform optimally, "statedKlopp.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho revealed, the future of midfielder Paul Pogba future bright. He does not hesitate to call the former Juventus Captain worthy of being Manchester United.

According to Mourinho, Pogba has all the ingredients and materials in order to leadhis colleagues in Manchester United. "Important note, he could be like that if there is no pressure too big to him, especially from the appearance in Manchester United together along," he said, as the Manchester United site released.

Pogba was enjoying good performance along with Manchester United. He becameone of the central figures of the movement of the ball in midfield Manchester United. He became the best Player nomne December 2016. Goals against Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough gave evidence of contribution Pogba.

Paul Pogba Got The Material So The Manchester United Captain

"Pogba has charisma, ambition, extraordinary mental and a professional football player. So, I think she has the character of being a captain of Manchester United, "stated Mourinho.

Mourinho admitted Pogba was very lucky to have everything at a young age. "The result, I think he can do the job as team captain of Manchester United," he added.

Mourinho revealed, fans must understand how to play someone, plus the activity ofthe players in the field. For Mourinho, a captain does not have to be players that are capable of continuing dominance.

"He will have to play nice, but is not obligated to dominant. Pogba was at that level, and I think he can play regularly, "said Mourinho. The Special One comment related to the game this weekend, when Liverpool came to Manchester United.

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