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3 reasons Chelsea Choose Conte's as a Manager

Chelsea decided appoints Antonio Conte as the new Manager for wading through the 2016-2017 season competition. Here's a variety of reasons why The Blues chose him as interpreter racik tactics.

Antonio Conte signed the contract lasts for three seasons alongside Chelsea on April 4, 2016. 46-year-old man was requested as a replacement for Jose Mourinho whowas fired due to a series of bad results throughout the season 2015-2016.

After completing its work together with the national team at the European Championships Italy 2016, Conte started the practice of Prime along with Chelsea on Wednesday (13/7/2016). Former club coach Juventus it is acting directly on The first practice session.

He was passionate and fiery impressed in leading the penggawa Chelsea. He shouted and even to undermine an animated figure that is commonly used for exercise.

At this inaugural exercise, Conte divide skuatnya into two teams. Short became a prime Chelsea penggawa exercise menu under Conte. The first practice session in thisConte still haven't followed the whole penggawa Chelsea. Players who perform in the 2016 European Championship is still on vacation.

3 reasons Chelsea Choose Conte's as a Manager

Some names in nganjuk seen join the practice among others Prime Conte John Terry, John Obi Mikel, Diego Costa, Nemanja Matic, until Victor Moses.

"Exercise is running very hard because we were getting off too long. And that's the point of pramusim so that we can be in a condition fit in each match, "said midfielder Oscar.

"I really like it and I think the Club will develop a lot of things this season. He speaks of what he wants from us, "he added.

Yes, the method of Antonio Conte seen fiery success drove the national team to Italy to the quarterfinals of the European Cup in 2016. It also makes Juventus became King in Italy. In addition, Conte has another advantage that the reason strong interest in The Blues appointed her as a coach.

3 reasons Chelsea Choose Conte's as a Manager

1. Reach quarter-finals 3-season Streak
Before Conte, Juventus came only seventh place in the Serie A standings, Italy underLuigi Delneri hosts. Conte immediately bring The Old Lady grabbed a new record inits inaugural season, namely the 2011-2012 season.

In addition to find their Scudetto, Conte brought Juventus unbeaten during the season. This record similar to that achieved in the season AC Milan 1991-1992.

When he won the trophy 3rd serie A season of 2013/2014, he returned a new record-breaking i.e. became the team with the most points over 38 games with 102 points, and won the entire 19th home game.

2. Shrewd look at young talent
Midfielder Paul Pogba is one example of successful young Manchester United in seeing Conte. In fact, Pogba mentions her father figure like Conte.

"Just the best I can play it for me. Prove what you can do for the team ' he gives mea challenge and I like the provocation that indirectly. He made me determined to bethe best player in the posisiku and in the world. "said Pogba.

Pogba joined Juventus from Manchester United on August 3, 2012. France-born players were signed to berudtasi over the past four seasons.

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The reason Pogba moved to Juventus was because he could not get a place in the Manchester United first team in the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson. However, underConte, Pogba transformed into one of the world's best midfielder.

3 reasons Chelsea Choose Conte's as a Manager

During four seasons in uniform Juventus, Pogba total playing 178 times and creating 34 goals. At Juventus, Pogba play as regista, or quarterback in charge to penetratethe opposing penalty box through a wing or the middle of the field.

3. Have an effective training methods
Italy national football team is the team with an average age of oldest players, namely 28 years, in the Euro 2016. However, Conte asked them do suicide sprints in the blazing sun, and each of the Italy national team player hooked up to a GPS to ensureeach of them not miss their training portion.

As a result, Italy became the team that ran the most numerous in the 2016 European Championship. According to the ESPN report, dealing with Sweden and Belgium, Italy ran respectively as far as 119.7 kilometers and 113.6 km when against Sweden and Belgium.

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