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Mkhitaryan Admit the difficulties of Adaptation with the game MU

Antonio Conte would undergo his duties as Manager of Chelsea in 2016-2017. Italy-born men were intent on making the success of Leicester City win the Premier League 2015-2016 as a springboard The revival Blues.

This successful season Leicester City grabbed his first Premier League trophy after 132 years. The Foxes collects 81 points in the Premier League standings, winning 10 digits of Arsenal that occupies the second position.

"Leicester City for me was an example. They taught me that in addition to the players and a good talent, a team needs to be a good spirit. If it had, you could win and reach the expected goal, "said Conte.

"Chelsea in the era of the Roman Abrahamovic has always had its own history, theyare always there in the UEFA Champions League, and we're sure you'll return to it as soon as possible," he added.

Antonio Conte signed the contract lasts for three seasons alongside Chelsea on April 4, 2016. 46-year-old man was requested as a replacement for Jose Mourinho whowas fired due to a series of bad results throughout the season 2015-2016.

Mkhitaryan Admit the difficulties of Adaptation with the game MU

After completing its work together with the national team at the European Championships Italy 2016, Conte started the practice of Prime along with Chelsea on Wednesday (13/7/2016). Former club coach Juventus it is acting directly on The first practice session.

He was passionate and fiery impressed in leading the penggawa Chelsea. He shouted and even to undermine an animated figure that is commonly used for exercise.

"Throughout the history of the era of Roman Abramovic, Chelsea always play in the Champions League. Very important for us to immediately return to the competition.We must fight to grab the Championship title and earn a ticket to the Champions League at the end of the season, "stated Conte.

Conte has so far gained one new player. He is a striker who plays for Belgium national football team in Marseille, Michy Batsuayi. A 22-year-old player was dibyong worth 33,200,000 pounds ($ 573 billion).

"Now, many people are of the opinion that Chelsea are no longer the team champion candidates. I can tell you their opinions right last season. We did bring in a new Batshuayi. However, we are ready to fight for the Championship, "said Conte.

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Mkhitaryan Admit the difficulties of Adaptation with the game MU

Midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan magpies debut alongside Manchester United whileWigan Athletic meets at the DW Stadium, Saturday (16/7/2016). Armenia midfielderwas admitted to the difficulties of getting to know his new colleagues and to adapt to the style of game the Red Devils.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan play for 46 minutes in the test match against Wigan Athletic and was replaced by Juan Mata. We have Whoscored, the 27-year-old player was let go two lures and created an opportunity.

Manchester United's own finally closed the match with a 2-0 victory. Two goals in the victory of the Red Devils were present in the second half through the actions of William Kane on 49 minutes and Andrew Pereira (58 ').

"I am still trying to adapt and get to know my colleagues. The first game is always difficult. I am still trying to get to know how to play and the quality of my colleagues, "Mkhitaryan said.

"So, I was determined to learn everything quickly. I will be getting better over time as the number of matches that I play. We are ready to face the new season and tried to do everything the coaches asked, "he added.

Mkhitaryan Admit the difficulties of Adaptation with the game MU

Henrikh Mkhitaryan were carried off Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund on 2 July 2016. Of the two signed a contract lasted for four seasons with an option for an extension for 12 months.

Mkhitaryan still has plenty of time to continue to prove myself in thee. After this game, MU will fly to China to participate in the International Champions Cup (ICC) 2016. The Red Devils will meets Borussia Dortmund (22/7/2016), Manchester City (26/7/2016) and Galatasaray (30/7/2016).

Lastly, the Manchester United magpies trials against Everton at Old Trafford (3/7/2016). MU began the season 2016-2017 meets with Leicester City on the party of the FA Community Shield at Wembley Stadium, London (7/7/2016).

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