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Ferocious on the field, the Striker Arsenal Scared Alien

Olivier Giroud garang when acting together with Arsenal at the top of the field. The physical appearance of any creepy beard bushy. However, who would have thoughtit turned out the strikers fear the alien dolls.

Olivier Giroud had confessed fear with a figure named Alf, which is the main character in the situation comedy or sitcom titled similar broadcast from 1980 to 1990.

ALF is a doll-shaped alien. The Brown hairy figures have large black eyes and a longnose like a pangolin.

The friendly attitude of the Alf make kids love. However, not with Giroud.

Ferocious on the field, the Striker Arsenal Scared Alien

When he was 10 years old, his older brother always terrified Giroud every mention of the name Alf.

"I was a very small child and they (sister) commonly teased me with the character on television called Alf. Oh my God, she is really ugly and I'm scared to see it, "said Giroud in television programming Arsenal.

Said Giroud, his sister typically say, ' be careful, Alf will abduct you tonight '.

They were outrageous, "said the man who is now aged 30 years.

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Now, the concern is no longer a matter of Giroud Alf, but playing time over the field. He has never been a starter from 5 appearances in the Premier League, 2016-2017. The number of golnya is two.

"My turn will come to play," said Giroud.

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, said, his team suffered physically as a result of "exploitation" in the Champions League.

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, discloses, his team needed a break after ingesting 1-2 defeat of West Bromwich Albion at home alone, King Power Stadium, Saturday (6/12/2016).

This was the first defeat The Foxes, the nickname of Leicester City, a home fixture inthe last 14 months.

With these results, it means that Leicester only won one of their last six games in the Premier League. Ranieri admitted that his players, who also competed in the Champions League, this time it took a break.

Ferocious on the field, the Striker Arsenal Scared Alien

Therefore, Claudio Ranieri ever thanks to the presence of FIFA international date pause 8-16 November 2016. According to him, it came at the right time for Leicester City.

"It (losing to West Bromine) is not a good match for us. We were a bit unlucky, but that's football. We need to ' recharge ' energy during the break, "said Ranieri.

"We tried to play our game, but it is difficult. We should find solutions together, "said the Italy coach.

The appearance of Leicester in stark contrast to the Premier League in the UEFA Champions League. In the Premier League, defending champion was ranked 14th by collecting 12 points.

Meanwhile, in the Champions League, The Foxes lead the standings while group Gwith 10 points and has never been undefeated.

Ranieri said he will speak with the players related problems that are being encountered.

"Today is not easy. We probably played too much in the Champions League. For the first time, we are not ' liquid '. It is strange to us. We have to talk to find a solution together, "he said.

"We should stick together as we did last season when everything goes right," said the former coach of AS Roma, Inter, and Monaco was.

Revival under the guidance of new coach Chelsea, Antonio Conte, became pelecut of Eden Hazard for reaching the target.

Chelsea players, Eden Hazard, would like to be a part among the five top players in the world after failing to enter the list of candidates on Ballon d'Or winners this season.

Revival under the guidance of new coach Chelsea, Antonio Conte, became a pelecutHazard for reaching the target.

While the match against Everton, Saturday (6/12/2016), Hazard scored twice in Chelsea's 5-0 victory.

Ferocious on the field, the Striker Arsenal Scared Alien

Top scoring it, the Belgium midfielder has scored seven goals in 11 games this season. In contrast to the previous season because he scored only four goals in 2015-2016.

"I want to go back on the list of candidates winning La Liga. I would give everythingto get listed in, not on the 23rd, but was in the top five, "he said.

"Yes, I want to reach that level," said Hazard, as quoted from

After grabbing the PFA Player of The Year since Chelsea won the Premier League title on the season 2014-2015, the Hazard of the game has decreased dramatically in the middle of the team's struggles last season under Jose Mourinho.

"Last season I didn't either. So, for me it is normal that I have not entered in the list of this year's Ballon d'Or, "said Hazard.

"Last season was difficult for me. I am trying to achieve such an appearance two years ago, "he said.

However, now the star of Belgium that have returned to the peak of a brilliantgame.

Today, he enjoys more freedom under Conte. The 25-year-old player was targeting the Ballon d'Or.

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