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Three Juventus Players Entered the list of the 10 Highest-paid Players in Serie A

Sandro Mazzola suggested former club, Inter Milan, in order to recruit Massimiliano Allegri as a replacement for Roberto Mancini in a coach.

The reason, according to Mazzola, performance Mancini belongs to disappoint. Thisrefers to the graph of the decline experienced I Nerazzurri in the second half of the competition.

Inter briefly topping the standings before 2016. Now, they are thus thrown into fifth position with a collection of 51 points from 28 matches.

"I think in the end, Mancini will not survive in a coach. Though, he is a coach who has the capability, "said Mazzola.

The related figure of suksesor Mancini, Mazzola to suggest two names, one of themhad made.

Three Juventus Players Entered the list of the 10 Highest-paid Players in Serie A

"It's difficult. However, if possible, I would say Massimiliano Allegri. I also like Vincenzo Montella as the game his team, "said 73-year-old man.

Mazzola's suggestion is directly proportional to a number of media reports on Italy.Inter are believed to be ejecting Mancini if they fail to achieve Champions League tickets next season.

Even though his position is doubtful, Mancini is not then kehilangangan optimism.

"I was the coach of the Nerazzurri and will resume work next season. After that, we just look, "said he.

Mancini Inter coach seats occupied since November 14, 2014. He tied up a contractto 30 June 2017.

Guerin Sportivo alerts you have just 10 players in Serie A and Juventus meet the three pillars that list. Anyone of them?

The club called The old Lady is the team with the highest wage bills in Italy. They committed a gross salaries to their players amounting to 124 million euros ($ 1.78 trillion).

There are three big names the most cash sucking Juventus, namely Paul Pogba (4.5 million euros per year), Gianluigi Buffon (4 million euros), and Sami Khedira (4 million euros).

Three Juventus Players Entered the list of the 10 Highest-paid Players in Serie A

The following is a list of the 10 highest paid players in Serie A (after deducting tax):

AC Milan, striker Niang M'Baye, car accident on Monday (29/2/2016). This makes the 21-year-old player had to be absent until the end of the 2015-2016 season.

Niang had an accident while driving his car toward home. The police up to now are still figuring out the cause of the accident. However, the France midfielder pointed to weather as the cause.

The accident made Niang ankle injury. After the inspection, the operation became the best move to make quick healing of the injury it is.

Although the results of early pemerisaan show that Niang could have recovered less than two months ahead, but Milan has confirmed another news. Striker tersubur second that the Rossoneri will no longer be able to play on the rest of the season for 2015-2016.

"AC Milan have communicated that today in Amsterdam, M'Baye Niang has undergone a visit to a specialist Sepatu Futsal Specs Professor Niek Van Dijk. Then it has been established that the left ankle ligament Niang require surgery, "the Club's statement as quoted from Football Italy.

"This operation will be carried out by Professor Van Dijk on Friday (11/3/2016). Professor Van Dijk also never done clinically and radiography examination on Rodrigo Ely. In the two weeks ahead, Niang will undergo rehabilitation programs for memercepat his recovery and return to the world of professional sports. "

This certainly would be a big loss to AC Milan. Because, in the last few matches, Niang has always been the starter subscription and has collected four assists plus five goals in Serie A action 2015-2016.

Niang with traffic problem is also not the first time. In 2012, he was caught drivingwithout a Licence (LICENCE). He also punished 18 months because of his Ferrari carspur above the speed limit in 2014.

Three Juventus Players Entered the list of the 10 Highest-paid Players in Serie A

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, offered Italy's League Championship and the Coppa Italy last season, leading the team to the Champions League final, and won the Super Cup trophy Italy 2015. The sequence of the achievements it made him eligible to bear the title of Serie A coach of the year 2014-2015.

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Allegri (48) awarded the Panchina d'Oro in the event held in Florence, Italy, Monday(7/3/2016).

The prize is an annual title awarded as a form of appreciation to the achievements of coaches in a season before.

Panchina d'Oro belongs to special because the winner is determined based on votes from fellow coaches. Allegri capture sound at most, i.e. 27 people.

Ranked second and third in a row occupied by Stefano Pioli (Lazio; 7 votes), and Maurizio Sarri (Empoli; 4).

"This award certainly have significance because we achieve good results last year. Thank you to the players, coaching staff, and the Club, "said Allegri told Tuttosport.

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