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Klose Has Yet To Resolve Pension

Fabio Capello has said that Rome swallowed anyone. Just ask to Rudi Garcia, who was to become the prey of Wolves Team malignancy and also the media.

Garcia has been sacked as coach of Roma.

Draw against Milan (1-1) became the second series in the two last Sunday. The difference in the points standings, leader of Rome while any increase.

What experienced Garcia quite surprising. About a year ago that France coach praised tifosi because success brings Rome rival Juventus in the hunt for the scudetto.

Now, after I Win four times in five draw current party and only three defeats in 15 matches, the insistence to fire coach 51-year-old was unbearable.

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Klose Has Yet To Resolve Pension

True said Capello, the last coach who brought the Romans grabbed the Serie A scudetto in 2000/01.

"It is very difficult to work in Rome," said Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport at the end of last year.

"There is no balance. In Rome, everyone turns from happily being disappointed in the timing so quickly. Job coach be feels really heavy. "

"Rome will devour anyone," said Capello.

Without The Trophy

Since the holding of the team on the season of 2013/14, Garcia has yet to give the champion trophy created in Rome. The fact that makes the former coach of Lille in a weak position.

Garcia are Avenged by her lover who also worked as a presenter on a television station belonging to the Club, RomaTV.

"It is not true that all the tifosi want Garcia was fired. There are many also without much talk still supports him, Garcia has a mental of champions. He won in France with the team. He came to Rome in a situation where if had no mental Champ, you can'tshow up again, "said Francesca Brienza.

The girlfriend was right. In the last 11 years, there were only two coaches who were able to survive more than two seasons for directing.

Klose Has Yet To Resolve Pension

Garcia was able to do it, while the top names are not, such as Luis Enrique (resigned after one season), Zdenek Zeman (fired before one full season), and Claudio Ranieri(resigned before the full two seasons).

Another successful coach last more than two seasons was Luciano Spalletti, the replacement for Garcia. Allenatore shaved-headed for four and a half seasons hold.

In the eyes of the tifosi, Spalletti's image better than Garcia. He gave three Championship trophy to Rome, i.e. both the Coppa Italy and a Supercoppa Italiana. Reasonable options make I Lupi.

Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, ensuring no one else its flagship player will go on stock transfers January 2016, including.

The statement deals with Mancini was certainly rumors reserved Mauro Icardi. According to the news of a growing demand by Icardi, central Manchester City or Arsenal.

The speculation, howeverdisputed by Mancini. He claimed that Inter Milan are not planning to sell the players on the stock transfer at this time.

"I know a number of things from newspapers, but now all the players we have here," said Mancini was quoted as saying of FourFourTwo, Friday (15/1/2016) local time.

"January is a strange month. However, currently there is no single one of our playerswho will go, "said the 51-year-old man.

Mancini is precisely hope Icardi can still demonstrate the ability of a more excellentagain in Barcelona, especially in Duet with Stevan Jovetic at the front-line.

"Icardi and Jovetic has different qualities. They often give a good performance, and I think both of them can work together. However, I still expect more, "said Mancini.

Klose Has Yet To Resolve Pension

Icardi joined Inter Milan from Sampdoria in July 2013. A 22-year-old Argentina players were bound joint La Beneamata contract until June 2019.

This season, the appearance of Icardi belongs to satisfy. Of 16 Serie A matches, slotted eight goals success Icardi and one assist.

Miroslav Klose, agent Alexander Schutt, stated that his client has not been set to retire from football.

Contract Klose Lazio Lazio would end on June 30, 2016. When time ran out, his devotion she will age 38.

Even so, the former Germany national team striker has not been taking an unpromising for cable shoes.

"Klose has yet to take any decisions for retirement," Schutt said.

"We will not be hasty in announcing something. When there is something to be announced, we'll do it officially, "said he.

The statement denied the reports at the same time Schutt La Repubblica, Wednesday (13/1/2016). Original media that Italy had reported, Klose planning retirement in the summer of 2016 and take the course trainer Germany Football Federation (DFB).

Klose himself has decided to withdraw from Germany's national team after the World Cup 2014. He scored 71 goals in 137 Parties at an international level.

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