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the best Futsal Player Indonesia 5-legged, left-handed

Nicks which are achieved by a team of futsal Pre PON NTB in the Governor's Cup NTB 2015 then, can be said to reap positive results. Attainment that meet targets is said to own by coach Bonsu Hasibuan, after her son finished ranked to – 4.

"already hit the target, I give target player to semifinals already at maximum with handicap in the semifinals, but the strongly visible weakness the team Pra Pon (NTB)," said,Bonsu.

In the Eighth Game of the final Pilgub, Pra PON NTB is surprisingly, managed to subdue the professional team from Bandung, namely FC Libido, when the two camps should be forced to do the penalty shootout.

the best Futsal Player Indonesia 5-legged, left-handed

Coach mengarsiteki Vamos that also complained about a shortage of children from him in terms of his game when it appeared on Pilgub.

"I instruct the player in the semifinals to try playing tactical strike, so must dominate the assault and seen a dead end, as a result, many opponents make the transition attack and panic seen players in taking decisions," he said.

Because, the team that will be targeted for Mataram translucent on the qualificationof the national sports week in West Java branch of 2016, futsal. Team Pre PON NTBthemselves are in a group alongside POUND weight of East Java, Central Java and South Kalimantan.

"Regarding the preparation, Pre PON NTB is currently revamping their physical andtactical play, we should be able to focus in on nuclear attack. Weak attacks Pre PONNTB is very noticeable in the tournament yesterday (Pilgub), "says, the Field coach editorial team Sepatu Futsal.

"We have to be optimistic, because there is the last key in the match, that there is luck, tapo semia must work hard," he said.

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Based on the survey, the percentage of many of the players footballers/futsal uses the left foot while playing far less than right-footed player. The following 5 players left-footed Indonesia futsal has advantages each editorial Futsal version of Zone:

the best Futsal Player Indonesia 5-legged, left-handed

Vincent Valens
A former player of the ball on the next-generation it is Handoyo Deny a player who is in the know with hard but fair. With the game simply, Vincent has an accurate passing. The player who last plays for SWAPS on Futsal Super League last season, like having eyes on the side of his head because he didn't need to see his partner is where to do the passing.

Hasib Faisal
Hasib Faisal which is its founders came youth Futsal Bandung has a gut instinct playvery quickly. The player who currently plays for FC Libido that, its flagship is the ability of the dribble or dribbling with his left foot that it seemed the ball seemed attached to his leg in so as to make the opponent difficult to seize the skin round of swinglegs.

Xeniagreekmuslimah Runtuboy
With a small lean stature, depicting the speed is inside this player. Runtuboy in anugerahi acceleration and agility when it controlled the ball. With his left foot, this land of Papua origin players can do a quick change of direction dribble to get past opponents. Not only that, the young man who was in Jayapura 4, SMAN has stylish footwork often in action the goals of the movement  movement is a mix of both legs to outwit your opponent.

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